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China's printing industry and foreign development gap
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Overview of the U.S. printing industry:

United States total more than 5,000 printing enterprises, nearly a million employees. Currently sales of approximately $ 170 billion print about annual growth rate of about 3%. U.S. printing industry is mainly commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing, in which at least the number of books and printing companies, employing the least, but the highest degree of market concentration, the largest and most efficient, while the packaging and printing accounted for the second U.S. printing market bit. In the United States in the packaging and printing, flexographic printing accounted for about 70%, flexographic printing is widely used for flat flexible packaging, paper bags, labels, cartons, boxes and other packaging products.

Overview of the German printing industry:

Printed in Germany up to the owners of small enterprises, and the printing industry's annual output of more than $ 16 billion in recent years, the growth rate of around 5%. German printing technology innovation to a large extent by the impact of information and communication technology, 90 percent of printing companies have used the Internet. German printing equipment such as Heidelberg, Roland, KBA is the world's leading brand, relying on its technical superiority, the German printing companies with foreign co-operation to carry out a wide range of different levels to achieve the globalization of production and operations.

Overview of the Japanese printing industry:

According to Japan Standard Industrial Classification, the printing industry is divided into medium industries, namely printing and publishing-related industries. According to 1999 statistics, printing and publishing industry-related sales accounted for 22 kinds of manufacturing in the first seven (not including the steel industry), the amount of 13.1555 trillion yen, accounting for one trillion yen manufacturing 294.5014 4.5% of the amount of cash, which remove the publishing industry and newspaper, about 6 percent over the printing industry. Printing industry can be broken down for the printing industry, the plate-making industry, trade binding, print and print processing industry and related service industries, a total of 40 401 enterprises, accounting for 6.8% of the entire manufacturing sector, its size is greater than the "textile industry", "electrical machinery manufacturing", "Plastic products manufacturing", etc. Printing industry's total sales of 8 trillion 167.4 billion yen, accounting for 2.8% of the entire manufacturing sector, its size has been with the "computer industry", "IC (integrated circuit) manufacturing", "oil refineries", "communication machinery manufacturing "other industries comparable.

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