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Market analysis of China's Cutter
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Cutter is a paper processing equipment, mainly for the paper mill sheet of paper processing and printing paper size printing plastic processing enterprises, cellular packaging board is produced, but also used paper cutter cutting paper honeycomb core. In recent years, card sector has remained strong in the cutter area also has a broad market.

  Cutter used in non-paper processing, such as PS plate, leather, hard plastic and other materials cut. Cutter is a universal device, an extremely wide range of applications in the printing industry, in addition to part of the three Indian companies, but almost every printing enterprise must configure the cutter, the cutter in the printing machinery products accounted for important position. Printing Machinery products in the family, the largest annual sales is a small offset printing press, and the second is a paper cutter, it is necessary in the printing business in one of the devices.

 Cutter is one of the main equipment after printing, although large quantities of books and plastic has been replaced on three sides, trimmer, large quantities of packaged products from the forming die-cutting machine, flexo printing production line, corrugated printing slotting die-cutting machine complete. Cut a small number of large printed products, such as trademarks, self-adhesive patch, small printing business cards and small-volume printing, with a paper cutter on the printing process is a small investment, quick impact a choice, not to mention the enterprise only change the paper size, you need to change the shape of the product standing paper cutter. With the technology level, the level of automation to improve soon cutter, hydraulic, programmable, computer-controlled cutting machine account for the mainstream market.

 Cutter larger imports, less exports, if through the efforts of domestic enterprises, to improve product quality and technical level efforts, through the reorganization of assets, change the current decentralized management, high cost of doing business situation, efforts to change over the years contrast is too large import and export status, paper cutter will increase at least 30-40% of the market space.

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