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Latest paper raw material consumption
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Internationally, the paper is second only to the third largest telecommunications and steel industries, the country's economic development is one important indicator of the level of

    Currently, the paper industry has gradually become an important industries. The impact of foreign capital, experts say "opening channels of waste paper recycling" is the first step towards the development of the industry. China's paper industry, foreign investment is an unavoidable topic. Currently, foreign capital structure in the domestic paper industry has exceeded the proportion of warning, and the market share of foreign-funded enterprises have been one-third of the world. Therefore, China's paper industry dominance in the industry problems caused by domestic enterprises and relevant departments attach great importance to the paper industry veteran Renyong Sen said. China's rapid economic development to the paper industry provides a huge room for growth, the domestic paper industry has been unable to meet the huge domestic market demand, that China's paper industry has maintained higher than the annual GDP growth rate. This surge in costs and demand for flat suffered international paper giants would envy, have set his sights on China. In recent years, APP, UPM-Kymmene, Stora Enso, International Paper, and other multinational companies have vied for the Golden Eagle Group, China, has spent heavily to form joint ventures or wholly-owned staking their claims around the country. Paper giants against foreign aggressive offensive, Chinese companies have shown good momentum of development and strong strength.

    In addition, in order to change the situation alone domestic paper companies, Paper Merchants Association also established a "National Federation of Paper Manufacturers" by 157 domestic paper and related industries and enterprises upstream and downstream components. Paper Merchants Association to experts, "the international paper industry, centralization and specialization will be further enhanced, while the paper the establishment of chambers of commerce, mergers and acquisitions for the next paper to create a good prerequisite for the present, China paper industry companies involved in paper making, paper chemicals, paper-making machinery, packaging, printing and other industries. raw material barriers still exist that hinders the development of China's paper industry the largest bottleneck in recent years China's demand for imports of waste paper strong on the international market has made the rising price of waste paper, waste paper import prices due to rapid industrial growth was seriously affected. papermaking raw materials in our country, the proportion of 44% waste paper, paper-making raw materials of domestic market great demand, but long-term dependence on imports. It is understood that China's annual 14 million tons of waste paper not recycled, according to experts, recycling one ton of waste paper to produce 0.8 tons of paper is good, you can also save energy for more than half of the paper, 35% reduction of water pollution.

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